“After living in the US for 6 years my son announced casually one day that he would like to study and play rugby at a US college! Panic set in! We had no idea how to navigate the US educational system. Karen took all the stress away from us as parents from Day 1 and guided my son through the exam selection process To the college selection, through to the application process. Karen’s knowledge and expertise were paramount in securing my son a place in his first choice university! We couldn’t have done it without you Karen!! Thank you from the bottom of our heard from our family.”
Lynnette L. (May 2020), Mother

“Lauren accepted at Chapman University!
We are very excited.
Thank you AGAIN for all your assistance in the process.  You were so helpful and really helped charter her course.”
Sara P. (April 2020), Mother



“Being the oldest kid in my family, I walked into the process of applying for college blindly. I didn’t know necessarily where to even start and felt overwhelmed by all the different steps that needed to be completed. Karen was able to ease my anxiety about college applications and was an amazing resource. From taking the Act/Sat to writing college essays to finally accepting my admission, Karen was always available to help. I couldn’t have done it all without her!  Thank you!”
Sidney L. (April 2020), Student
“Thank you again for the great coaching you gave to Emilio. He is thrilled to go to Cal Berkeley!”
Gaelle D. (April 2020), Mother

Thank you for an excellent job of guidance through the U.S. Rugby oriented Universities;  options & expectations.You are the outstanding Ambassador for a  U.S. Rugby movement to young student-athletes.  Setting up all the pins & guidance about the U.S. rules, it gives the student targets and why being motivated to get in is equal to their motivated play. Thank you for answering why U.S. rugby within a U.S university vs. staying in a Tier 1 nation is both exciting & real. The picture you painted on my son’s blank canvas was museum quality.

Michael S. (April 2020), Father
We just wanted to say thank you for all your help this year to advise us on A’s college application process. We are thrilled that he got in ED to Cornell and think it’s the right choice for him. We appreciate your support during the summer and fall.
Allyson (January 2020), Mother
I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and all the advice and help you gave me through this process. I am truly so grateful. I never thought I would have been able to get into my dream school.
Annie S. (July 2018), Student
Thank you so much, we so appreciate all your help and support. Proud of Philip for making this choice, he seems to be happy and a bit more relaxed now after having done so. Thanks again for talking with him and for the advice!
Kari D. (May 2018), Mother
We recently used Karen to help us find a school in Colorado for our daughter. Our daughter had some academic issues due to a medical problem she suffered her sophomore and junior year.Karen was able to assist us in getting her into the school that was her first choice (UCCS). She does and great job and spends her time wisely. I would recommend her to anyone I need of assistance with navigating the college admissions process.
Tom D. (August 2017), Father
I was very fortunate to have many options of where I wanted to attend! I’m extremely happy with my decision to attend Cal Poly SLO and major in construction management. Thank you so much for helping me get here and for all that you have done!
Molly B. (June 2017), Student
I committed to Dartmouth! Thank you so much for all your help and support!
Melanie P. (June 2017), Student
Thank you so much for all the support you have given me through my college application process. I am pleased to inform you that I will be attending UC Berkeley! You helped me so much with my applications and I am so happy that I had the honor to work with you. You are very much part of the reason I was successful in applying to the UC system. You are so awesome and I am beyond grateful for you!
Loren L. (June 2017), Student
Thank you for all of your help and guidance through this college selection process. You listened so well to what he was interested in and in spite of an ever-changing teenage mind you lent us your brilliant ideas and calm outlook. Can’t thank you enough for keeping me sane and helping Mike end up at his top choice. Thanks always.
Jane G. (June 2017), Mother
Thank you for everything, Karen. You have made this process so easy and wonderful for our family.
Merri A. (June 2015), Mother
Committed! Thank you for all of your help during the process; I really appreciated all of it. With gratitude.
Jake S. (April 2018), Student



Thank you so much, we so appreciate all your help and support. Proud of Philip for making this choice, he seems to be happy and a bit more relaxed now after having done so. Thanks again for talking with him and for the advice!
Stephanie Smith (UC Davis Class of 2022), Mother
Thanks again for helping Julia get into her dream school!
Claire O (Northwestern Class of 2022), Mother