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Planning for college is a unique, exciting opportunity for your child to shape and launch their future. As an independent educational consultant specializing in college admissions, I guide students of all aspirations through a creative, rewarding journey of self-discovery, empowering them to find and be accepted to the colleges where they will thrive.
Whether you are looking for an innovative liberal arts college, a spirited state university, have your sights set on the Ivy League, or just want to explore the possibilities, I can help you get to the college that is the right academic, social and financial match for who you are now and who you want to become.

College admissions is more complex and competitive than ever before with one in four applicants using a college consultant like me to maximize their child’s college applications.  I understand how challenging it can be for families to navigate this journey on your own. I strive to build long lasting relationships with my families, working alongside them as an “expert friend” to create a collaborative admissions process that leads to success.

heart-glow-iconMy supportive approach, expertise and up-to-date knowledge will enable you to have more time, less stress and anxiety, maximize your potential for scholarship funds, maintain a peaceful parent/child connection and have fun as you make this exciting journey together.

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I provide in person college admissions counseling throughout Evergreen,CO and surrounding Mountain areas.

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College admissions counseling is an investment in your higher education that can help you craft stronger application packages, increasing your chances of acceptance at the schools of your choice and making you more competitive for financial aid. It can also be invaluable in reducing stress and providing peace of mind through an often challenging and anxiety-filled process.

Because every student has unique planning needs, I offer both full-service packages or you can work with me on an “as-needed” basis which enables you to build a package that works best for your family. Contact us for pricing.


Comprehensive Guidance Services

Admissions Applications & Essays Service

Comprehensive & Hourly Service Available

Admissions Essay Development and Revision Assistance

Discover how to tell your stories and compose compelling personal statements that will help you stand out from the competition. Personalized support through all phases of developing exceptional admissions essays and supplement essays for the UC, Common Application, and other college applications.

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I just wanted to thank you again for all your help and all the advice and help you gave me through this process. I am truly so grateful. I never thought I would have been able to get into my dream school.
Annie S. (July 2018), Student
Thank you so much, we so appreciate all your help and support. Proud of Philip for making this choice, he seems to be happy and a bit more relaxed now after having done so. Thanks again for talking with him and for the advice!
Kari D. (May 2018), Mother
We recently used Karen to help us find a school in Colorado for our daughter. Our daughter had some academic issues due to a medical problem she suffered her sophomore and junior year.Karen was able to assist us in getting her into the school that was her first choice (UCCS). She does and great job and spends her time wisely. I would recommend her to anyone I need of assistance with navigating the college admissions process.
Tom D. (August 2017), Father
I was very fortunate to have many options of where I wanted to attend! I’m extremely happy with my decision to attend Cal Poly SLO and major in construction management. Thank you so much for helping me get here and for all that you have done!
Molly B. (June 2017), Student
I committed to Dartmouth! Thank you so much for all your help and support!
Melanie P. (June 2017), Student
Thank you so much for all the support you have given me through my college application process. I am pleased to inform you that I will be attending UC Berkeley! You helped me so much with my applications and I am so happy that I had the honor to work with you. You are very much part of the reason I was successful in applying to the UC system. You are so awesome and I am beyond grateful for you!
Loren L. (June 2017), Student
Thank you for all of your help and guidance through this college selection process. You listened so well to what he was interested in and in spite of an ever-changing teenage mind you lent us your brilliant ideas and calm outlook. Can’t thank you enough for keeping me sane and helping Mike end up at his top choice. Thanks always.
Jane G. (June 2017), Mother
Thank you for everything, Karen. You have made this process so easy and wonderful for our family.
Merri A. (June 2015), Mother
Committed! Thank you for all of your help during the process; I really appreciated all of it. With gratitude.
Jake S. (April 2018), Student
Thank you Karen for all your support throughout the college application process. For parents who grew up outside the U.S. we found the whole college application process very complex and confusing, especially with so many colleges across the U.S. to consider. You helped [our son] simplify everything from preparing his resume to short listing colleges and completing the college applications. Our son enjoyed working with you, especially as you were so knowledgeable, patient and responsive.
Charlie L. (June 2014), Father
Thank goodness we came in contact with Karen… Not only is Karen’s expertise, insight and connections incomparable; I was equally impressed with her awareness and wisdom with the varying academic programs offered by colleges across the country. Karen does her homework! Ultimately, one of Karen’s suggested colleges for us to explore (that was not on our radar) turned out to be the perfect fit. Her patience, calmness and sense of humor with us during the whole application process was a saving grace too! She would be a great resource for any student. We can’t thank you enough Karen!
Kathy B. (June 2014), Mother
Natalie and I appreciate all the help, encouragement, direction and support you gave our son and as a result he has made what we believe to be the best college selection for him…It also worked out well for us too, which is an unexpected bonus. We’ll always be a reference for your and will be a repeat client again…
Chris H. (June 2013), Father
We had a wonderful experience working with Karen. Karen recognizes the student’s journey towards choosing a college is a process. She has been available to answer questions and direct us through that process, which is extremely helpful and reassuring. Her knowledge base and advice was invaluable. She responded to our specific questions and needs immediately! Thank you, Karen.
Susie B. (June 2013), Mother
Thank you so much, we so appreciate all your help and support. Proud of Philip for making this choice, he seems to be happy and a bit more relaxed now after having done so. Thanks again for talking with him and for the advice!
Stephanie Smith (UC Davis Class of 2022), Mother
Thanks again for helping Julia get into her dream school!
Claire O (Northwestern Class of 2022), Mother

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