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College Admissions Counseling throughout the Denver Mountain Communities

Planning for college is a unique, exciting opportunity for your child to shape and launch their future. As an independent educational consultant specializing in college admissions, I guide students of all aspirations through a creative, rewarding journey of self-discovery, empowering them to find and be accepted to the colleges where they will thrive.

Whether you are looking for an innovative liberal arts college, a spirited state university, have your sights set on the Ivy League, or just want to explore the possibilities, I can help you get to the college that is the right academic, social and financial match for who you are now and who you want to become.


College admissions is more complex and competitive than ever before with one in four applicants using a college consultant like me to maximize their child’s college applications.  I understand how challenging it can be for families to navigate this journey on your own. I strive to build long lasting relationships with my families, working alongside them as an “expert friend” to create a collaborative admissions process that leads to success.

My supportive approach, expertise and up-to-date knowledge will enable you to have more time, less stress and anxiety, maximize your potential for scholarship funds, maintain a peaceful parent/child connection and have fun as you make this exciting journey together.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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