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College admissions counseling is an investment in your higher education that can help you craft stronger application packages, increasing your chances of acceptance at the schools of your choice and making you more competitive for financial aid. It can also be invaluable in reducing stress and providing peace of mind through an often challenging and anxiety-filled process.

Because every student has unique planning needs, most students start with a Comprehensive Consultation and then move into Hourly Packages, which enables you to build a package that works best for your family. Contact us for pricing at

Grade 9 or 10 Consultation

Not sure where to begin? This two hour session is ideal for students in grades 9 or10 who are in the early stages of college exploration. Focus is on providing current information about college landscape and how to best optimize your child’s chances for acceptance to his or her choice colleges. We will discuss your child’s future goals as it relates to potential college majors and career possibilities, standardized test planning, extracurricular activities planning, high school curriculum planning to meet college goals and, if needed, suggestions on time management and overall organization. Also included is a recommendation list of possible colleges and summary email with easy to follow, step-by-step recommended action items.

Grade 11 or 12 Consultation

College on the horizon? This two hour session is ideal for students in grades 11 or 12 who are in the most critical time of college planning. This service will focus on assessing the overall academic profile, standardized test planning, strategic extracurricular and summer activities planning and high school coursework recommendations to meet college goals. Also includes a more targeted recommendation list of colleges that fit your child’s needs and goals along with a summary email with easy to follow, step-by-step recommended action items.

Hourly Packages

For those who want more support through the various steps of the college application process. Families may purchase blocks of time for advisement tailored to their needs. This may include advisement and coaching throughout the entire college search, planning, and application process. Topics may include the development of a college list, designing a testing/application planning timeline, interview planning and coaching, college visit planning, and application and essay support targeted to the admissions requirements of chosen colleges. Regular meetings are scheduled to ensure all necessary steps are taken, and nothing is left to chance. Space is limited in each senior class.

Admissions Application & Essay Services

Discover how to tell your stories and compose compelling personal statements that will help you stand out from the competition. Personalized support through all phases of developing exceptional admissions essays and supplement essays for the UC, Common Application, and other college applications.

Add-on/A la Carte Options

A la carte services may be requested for an additional hourly fee

College Matching

After a brainstorming session in which I determine your unique student profile, I develop a personalized list of safety, target and dreams schools for you to consider.

Interview Coaching

If you are offered or request an interview with a college, it’s important to be prepared. Work with me to learn how to get ready for your interview, what types of questions will be asked, and what you should bring to the conversation. Includes mock interviewing and video-taping on request.

Additional Support

Services may include college tour planning, wait-list strategies, rejection appeals, support in compiling application portfolios, etc.

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